Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions of Courses
Terms and conditions apply to all courses at Compu b, unless otherwise stated in course description or on course information page at learning.compub.com or the Compu b online store.
Bookings are made on a per person basis. Friends, family members and other third parties may not sit in or be present during a course without prior written consent from the Compu b training team or by purchasing an additional place. Exceptions may be made for parents or guardians of children who are under 16 years of age and carers for anyone with any physical impairments, learning difficulties or disabilities.

Walk-ins may only be accepted at the discretion of the Trainer.

All attending participants in a course/class must complete an online training feedback form which verifies that they were present and asks for feedback on the individual class and learning team member delivering the module. 

Our learning hubs are welcoming spaces, in order to keep them as inclusive as possible we expect the behaviour of our staff and customers alike to be non-threatening, non-abusive and open to learning. Any participant who is deemed to have been abusive, threatening or acting in an inappropriate manner will be excluded from further participation in any course. 

Minimum bookings: Compu b reserve the right to cancel any advertised or scheduled course or classes, if the classdoes not meet the minimum number of registered attendees we require to successfully run that class. This will be decided at the discretion of the training team.  

Cancellations Policy: Paid bookings cancelled (by the customer) within 48 hours of the start of the booking are not eligible for any refund, return or rescheduling. Any cancellation made more than 48 hours in advance will be eligible to reschedule to the next available course or for refund up to 75% of the course fee that has been paid. Customers who have purchased an annual membership may sign up to any of our 5 class courses, until the expiration of their annual membership.
Customers who have purchased an annual membership (no longer available for purchase), with more than 6 months left in their membership, may decide to exchange their membership for two personal training sessions, which must be booked and completed before the expiry date of their membership. If they do not wish to continue their membership under the new course structure, a refund may be provided.

Customers who have purchased an annual membership, with less than 6 months left in their membership - may request a credit note pro rata refund of the amount paid (based on number of months left) or a Learn 1:1 appointment in exchange.